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Continuous knowledge is an essential component in building a growing and thriving business that invests time and resources. Training and learning systems are considered vital areas that provide graduates with an optimum level of knowledge, skills development, and practical experience refinement.

Certificates are the real criterion for graduates to meet and complete training program requirements. Also, accredited certificates qualify graduates to be the first choice for multinational companies that employ professionally trained people and business leaders who can respond quickly to changes and keep pace with developments to meet tomorrow’s requirements and challenges.


Advantages of Accredited Certificates 

  • Certification ensures that the training program meets the quality standards and requirements
  • Certification is a prerequisite for many organizations to pursue a particular profession.
  • The certificate documents knowledge, skills, and expertise in its subspecialties
  • Certification helps to upgrade from one position to another more quickly and with higher efficiency.
  • Certification creates professional credibility and is a competitive advantage.
  • Certification expresses a drive for self-evaluation and continuous improvement

Certifications Types

Important Note: 

American Institute of Professional Studies does not provide direct training services for the trainees. AIPS award certificates to graduates by requesting them to be issued by our accredited training providers.

General Certification Types

Certificate of Training

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Skills


Train The Trainer (T.T.T)

Professional Certificate

Professional Diploma

Certificate of Diploma

Certification of Training Program


Professional Diploma in Entrepreneurship


Certificate of Train The Trainer (T.T.T)


Diploma in Human Resources Management


Professional Certificate in Qualifying Graduates to Work

Certificate of Authentications

Certificates authenticated from many governmental entities in the United State of America such as

  • U.S Department of State
  • U.S Department of Justice
  • U.S Notary Public

Delivered in up to 21 business days