Events & Conferences


Conferences, forums, and seminars are essential tools for imparting information, disseminating knowledge, professional practices, and added values. It is also a significant factor in building understanding and relationships between countries, cultures, and civilizations. It is an industry with its entity, and it is an essential resource at all levels, whether in education and training, economics, art, Etc. Moreover, it increases the volume of investments, global economic growth, and increases job opportunities.

We are deeply involved in the international meeting industry as sponsors and leaders of ideas and actions worldwide. And we also devote our expertise and capabilities to support our clients and our members in planning and organizing conferences and events in flexible ways until reaching full logistical implementation and professionally to achieve success and distinction.

1.   Conference Organization

AIPS plays a vital role in the industry and design of international conferences and events. AIPS provides consultations that help achieve goals and vision. AIPS has a center for preparing statistics on the latest global vital issues and their appropriate trends. AIPS is also involved in evaluating the conference or event’s feasibility, estimating budgets, and coordinating its schedule.

 2.   Accreditation and Sponsorship

AIPS has many partnerships and twinning agreements with international accreditation and sponsorship bodies. Through these agreements, the conference or event gains confidence and importance, raises participant proportions, and attracts large numbers.

3.   Conference Sites, Accommodations, and Tourism

AIPS has strategic agreements with universities, colleges, theaters, hotels, and tourism companies worldwide, facilitating selecting suitable places for conferences and events. The participants’ accommodation is at competitive prices, interspersed with tourist trips to the most important landmarks to increase success and achieve good profits.

 4.   Participation Invitations

The possibility of submitting official invitations from the AIPS to the nominated bodies (governmental and private) to participate in conferences and events, host their managers or employees, and make offers to individuals to increase the number of participants while giving them an official letter to facilitate their obtaining travel permits and vacations from work

5.   Speakers and experts

AIPS has many agreements with a group of speakers and specialists who have international accreditation in different fields. We have relations and agreements with international experts who can be hosted as speakers to benefit from their experiences and renewed capabilities.

 6.   Our Team

AIPS comprises a team of professionals with extensive experience in the conference and event management industry, IT professionals, advertising design, marketing, and sales, and have the skills to make large meetings a success.

7.   Marketing

AIPS has an integrated marketing system for conferences and events (software for targeted email campaigns – custom URLs for smart use of apps and social media pages) and uses modern technology to reach a broader scale and achieve goals.

8.   Honors and Awards

AIPS honors sponsors and speakers with international certificates of gratitude and appreciation and a distinguished commemorative award. AIPS also grants participants outstanding and accredited certificates of attendance accompanied by a card bearing the participant’s photo and includes the conference name or event specialization.