About us


The American Institute of Professional Studies was established as an independent institute in the United States of America in 2008; AIPS was organized under the State of Florida laws. The document number of AIPS is P20000099224.

AIPS works to raise awareness of the importance of knowledge, develop professional skills, and gain experience through training and education programs to refine and enhance human resources quality, raise their efficiency, enhance performance, and achieve professional growth.

AIPS participates with training providers through innovative solutions and clear creative techniques as well as specific practical procedures to continuously meet quality standards, support the credibility of the quality of training services, and increase their competitiveness to meet the growing needs of graduates with distinguished skills.

AIPS standards designed under international principles and regulations are models for our partners to follow in consulting, training, and professional development to achieve quality and enable our customers to maximize their efficiency.  We provide our partners with real experiences, modern ideas, and various programs that help them qualify and prepare graduates with a high professional level.


Our Purpose

AIPS always focuses on using examination and evaluation tools for the components of the training programs to ensure that they comply with international quality standards, and thus provide innovative training and learning to develop human capabilities, achieve professional growth, and graduate a new generation capable of performing their various tasks efficiently, with high quality and in ideal ways.



Accelerating innovation and continuous development of examination and accreditation standards is our priority. Our mission is to promote vocational education and training programs that can develop knowledge, skills and link them with economic and industrial development to employ qualified graduates for global labor markets to meet the challenges.


To be an essential brand in the professional studies field by providing innovative solutions to develop the standards and plans of learning and training to generate multidisciplinary leaders



  • AIPS provides special accreditation services to fulfill our commitments effectively and reliably.
  • AIPS seeks to create innovative solutions based on technical and practical excellence.
  • AIPS works openly, legally, and based on mutual trust to ensure those good relations are established and maintained.
  • AIPS ensures that our services and activities will be performed and provided professionally and transparently.
  • AIPS emphasizes our compliance with high-quality standards to ensure excellence.
  • AIPS approach is constant improvement in professional training and studies development.
  • AIPS is committed to provide our clients with consultations and solutions and apply the full partnership system in our works.
  • AIPS bear’s responsibility and understand the importance of critical thinking to improve performance and achieve excellence.
What do we offer?


AIPS is committed to providing international accreditation experiences related to the quality standards toward training providers who provide consultative services and training courses that mimic professional life. AIPS applies for examination and evaluation programs through a specialized team to grant recognition and accreditation to confirm their commitment to providing real and exceptional services due to their distinctions from their uncertified peers.


AIPS provides a wide range of professional certificate plans that translate and confirm trainees’ success in the training programs. The certificate is considered essential proof of having the required knowledge, skill, professional efficiency, and experience to perform their duties. Our certificates qualify the holders for better job prospects and employment opportunities in multinational companies and higher annual income institutions. 

Professional Experience Equivalence

Entrepreneurs’ and leaders’ experiences based on education and knowledge combined with skills have a vital and positive impact on business and job development. AIPS has designed an innovative system for the accreditation of candidates based on experience that is divided into several programs that examine the previous academic qualifications of the candidates and evaluate their knowledge and skills under applicable international standards. The accreditation will enable them to improve their professional life and facilitate the promotion to high-level jobs in international companies with a high annual return.

Professional Membership

AIPS membership aims to expand the map of entrepreneurs and professional leaders with competence and skills. Members who can commit to the performance of their jobs and roles with a high level of confidence and professionalism. AIPS supports the candidate’s commitment to developing continuous personal and professional performance and gives them official recognition to recognize their achievements and professional contributions.