Online Training

Accreditation of online training Programs

Online training is considered a modern educational process and a contemporary style to acquire knowledge, develop capabilities and skills with current mechanisms and techniques, and advance technology. E-training is one of the fastest and most modern ways to obtain the required expertise in the labor market’s local and international fields. With the pace of technological progress, e-training has proven its efficiency and provided opportunities for millions of people who wish to learn more, develop themselves, and professionalize a specific field and specialization to ensure a successful work life.

Innovative online training types contribute to building a renewable ideology and developing global training methods to allow users to exchange benefits and experiences, build interconnected bridges between them, reduce cultural differences, and activate diversity management to apply new skills.

The American Institute of Professional Studies has developed evaluation methods that meet the access of electronic training providers to the optimal level of quality requirements, and it has become possible to match them with international standards and thus qualify them and grant them the accreditation identity to be able to perform their roles fully and with impressive results.

Advantages of Online Courses

  • Flexible schedules and no need to move
  • Learn modern and unfamiliar majors
  • Reducing the expenses paid due to the presence of competition and multiple options
  • Use of interactive approaches and videos to facilitate the transfer of information
  • Hosting consultants and specialists through direct and group contact
  • Increasing the number of applicants for training and learning for its flexibility and effectiveness
  • Save the training curricula and materials electronically and easily retrieve them
  • Ease of interaction between the trainer and the trainee using textual and visual methods
  • It does not require a direct relationship between the trainer and the trainee
  • Discovering new cultures and establishing social relationships around the world
  • Access to immediate evaluation
  • The opportunity to control and interact with users
  • Constructive criticism that leads to improvement and development


To Whom this Program is for

  • Online training providers
  • Electronic platforms
  • Distance learning
  • Training and virtual learning
  • Digital training
  • Instructors, Teachers, Trainers