The training material is the most crucial element in the design of an effective and approved training program. The quality standard of the training program provided by training providers depends mainly on the training material (form and content). It must conform to the international standards specified for the quality of training materials to match the certificate.

Certification Standards

  • The training and learning methodology must be interactive, allowing the participation of trainees
  • Learning outcomes must be defined, and learners communicated.
  • Accurately stated skills acquired and expected results.
  • The objectives and results of the training should be related to the training content and activities.
  • Training materials and curricula must be consistent with modern and innovative standards in training and learning.
  • The training course should be commensurate with the trainees’ capabilities and training preferences.
  • The methods of presenting it and the means and means used to convey the information must be specified.
  • Methods and tools for evaluating the training material must be defined.
  • The content of the scientific material curriculum must be written and prepared in a convincing and useful manner and contains: 
– Instructor Guide– Student Manual– Exercise Workbook– Sample Files
– PowerPoint Deck– Quick Reference Guide– Introductory video

To verify that the training provider is following standards, may be required to submit some of the following document:

  • Course overview, curriculum, and objectives.
  • Course outline and duration.
  • Training material

Benefits & Advantages

  • Accreditation is a real indicator of achieving the optimal standards and requirements for the quality of the training material
  • Accreditation increases the level of confidence of the community, institutions, and trainees in providing training.
  • Accreditation gives an official certificate confirming international recognition and inclusion to our official website
  • Maintaining and increasing the quality of the training program
  • The right to use the accreditation badge on the training material
  • Emphasizing the relevance and importance of training objectives
  • Obtaining official international recognition for the training material
  • Provide honest and objective feedback.
  • Accreditation puts training providers ahead of the competition by providing high-quality training materials.
  • Accreditation helps in promoting and marketing training and learning services and attracts many clients and trainees.
  • Accreditation allows trainees to apply for certificates after successfully passing the programs.
  • Owning property rights in preparing training materials